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We’re proud of our work and of our history and experience, but everything is secondary to the long term relationship we want to build with you as you grow and succeed. What keeps us going is gratitude we get from happy clients.

We’re not a traditional agency, nor a startup. We’re in the service industry. We’re here to help you through any or every stage of your project, from brainstorming to deployment and to day-to-day maintenance. If we’ve done our job right, you’ll come back to us with your next project, with confidence. That’s our measure of success.

Who We Are

Dot Squirrels was founded by bi-coastal agency veterans that found common ground in an appreciation for a friendlier, more transparent approach to development – whether we’re talking big picture or brass tacks – that the industry seems to be lacking. A good shop will be known by its attention to detail and craftsmanship. A great shop is like family.

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8731 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034
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